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We firmly believe that:

  • All human beings are created in the image of God (1:2).So human life is a gift of God and we must respect it from womb to tomb.(VC83).
  • "Itell you whenever you did this for one of the least important of these brothers of mine you did it for me"(Mt.25:40).Inspired by these words Rev.Fr.Thomas Poothathil founded St.Joseph's Congregation to serve the socially marginalized, sick and poor.
  • Through our healing ministry we continue the merciful work of Jesus, who went everywhere doing good and healing the sick(VC83)thus retaining the essence of life.
  • Greater strength is vested in the merciful love of Almighty God than in the modern medical techniques and even the most dangerous germs of disease become ineffective in the rays of Divine Mercy.
  • The spirit of sacrifice and kenosis which we derive from the divine liturgy inspires us to care the sick, console and serve them selflessly.
  • We must serve the people, irrespective of caste,creed,religion or race with integrity,compassion and love,as taught by Jesus Christ,the Supreme Healer.


  • To assist in restoring life in accordance with medical ethics and teaching of the Catholic Church.
  • To provide medical service to the public irrespective of caste and community.
  • To provide best "care and cure" who are in search of better physical, mental, and spiritual well being
  • To provide health care in the villages and remote areas by providing immunization programme, health education, audio-visual education and conducting seminars.
  • To plan and execute different activities that support the felt needs of the local community and facilitate health care services particularly to the poor sectors of the society who are generally deprived of their basic human rights.
  • To work in collaboration with other hospital and institutions and both government and private health service etc.
  • To do any other charitable activities, as per the needs and emergency circumstances.
  • To provide training and education for medical, nursing and paramedical personnel.